5G Internet: What's Next!

It was not so long ago that 4G began to become popular in Brazil. Over here, the 3G and 4G bands still share space, with 3G being even more popular than 4G and having greater coverage.

However, the world of technology does not stop and a more advanced novelty is already being tested both here and in the United States and Europe. We are talking about the 5G internet , which promises higher speeds and more efficiency in data transfer.

During Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC 2017), the main event in the telephony sector, held in February in the city of Barcelona, ​​Spain, several operators presented their first tests with the new technology.

The 5G internet has since been considered the watershed so that the so-called Internet of Things can, in fact, take off once and for all towards popularization.

The first tests with 5G internet started in 2016 in several countries, including Brazil. The 5G internet is the natural evolution of mobile connections , which are currently divided between 3G and 4G bands. It promises navigation with greater speed, less latency and greater efficiency. We explain what this means in practice.

The 5G internet will allow the mobile internet to reach the maximum transfer speed of 10 Gbps - which refers to a speed ten times greater than that provided by 4G connections - which reach 100 Mbps.

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Another benefit will be the reduction of the connection latency time, that is, the speed of response between the user's action and the operation itself.


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