AWS Customer obsession

It is this attention to customer needs that has been a hallmark of AWS’s value proposition, even if it’s not always right.

As Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos wrote in a letter to shareholders in 2016: “Customers are always beautiful and wonderfully dissatisfied, even when they report being happy and business is doing great. Even when they don't know it yet, customers want something better, and their desire to delight customers will lead them to invent on their behalf ”.

It is this attention to what customers want - and still don't know what they want, to paraphrase Steve Jobs, through Henry Ford - that has been encoded in Amazon's leadership principles.

“Leaders start with the customer and work backwards. They work vigorously to gain and maintain the customer's trust. Although leaders pay attention to competitors, they are obsessed with customers ”, affirm Amazon's leadership principles.

“This is a value that I see continually displayed on AWS,” notes Anderson, from Gartner. "This attention to customer requirements and the needs of builders, developers and architects, which prioritized the resources they created and is strongly aligned".

“They are incredibly focused on the customer and everything they build is driven by the customer,” adds Bartoletti, from Forrester. "Maintaining this as your large group of customers continues to grow gives them the advantage of knowing what their customers want."

Take the 2019 launch of the AWS Outposts hybrid cloud product as an example. Rather than fitting in perfectly with Amazon's public cloud-centric worldview, Outposts met customer needs in a different sphere - their on-premises data centers.

The IT Support Engineer will play an active role in monitoring the PC’s, software and servers. They manage inventory of tools, fixtures, and the procurement. 


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