Business intelligence and IoT

Business intelligence (BI) analysts turn data into insights that generate business value. The role of BI analyst is becoming increasingly important as organizations begin to capitalize on the volumes of data they collect.

Professionals in this area are usually able to detect in which areas the company needs to receive optimizations. It is a way to increase profits and make money more.

BI software and other tools help to mine complex data. Industry trends, as well as information about the competition, can assist in distributing these findings to the entire team.

IoT Specialist
The field of Internet of Things (IoT) is growing. This is definitely the technology of the future. There are many job opportunities in this field for professionals at various levels.

In summary, the IoT is the network of interconnected physical entities, equipped with software, sensors, network and electronic devices, which collect and exchange information. Thus, they allow them to be responsive.

Understand what IoT is and how it relates to cloud computing

There is a strong demand for architects, project managers, program managers and end-to-end IoT solution professionals, with technical and business knowledge to make the best IT business decisions.

The Cyber Security Specialist monitors systems for any unusual activities.  They conduct counteractive protocols and report incidents. The professionals will examine and evaluate security strategies and defenses.

There is also demand for sales professionals, pre-sales, product managers, business development managers and ecosystems. On the technical side, embedded software developers, system architects and web application developers on the server or in the cloud are needed.


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