Competitive differential are attributes

"Competitive differential  are attributes that make the company unique and superior to its main competitors.”

The problem I see in this sentence, despite being well constructed, as every theory should be, is that it speaks without saying. When the word attributes is used, it is understood that the differentials must necessarily be concrete and recognizable in a conscious and even rational way. But who said that the consumer is such a rational being? For example, why is there so much noise in the market every time Apple launches a new iPhone and certain people queue for hours to buy the device, but isn't it the same every time Samsung releases a new version of the Galaxy? I guarantee that Apple's attributes are not rational and more, if we ask the people in the queue, each one should mention different attributes, so they are also not so concrete.

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And analyzing the second part of the definition - " These are the exclusive advantages and benefits that the company provides to its clientele and that the competition has not yet managed to offer." -, I see it even more superficial and with a small expression at the end that, in my opinion, totally disqualifies the concept. The expression "... that the competition has not yet managed to offer."

If your company has “copyable” differentials, then sorry, but they are not differentials. If in the first part of the definition, it is said that differentials are attributes that make your company unique, how will it be unique if the differential has not yet been copied? Will it be unique for a fixed period? Then she will have to move to find something to become unique again? This is not sustainable.

Again I return to the example of Apple to explain that no one will be in line to buy a Galaxy, no matter how great the devices are and, in many ways, even better than the iPhone, simply because Samsung will never be able to have Apple's differentials. Apple's differentiators are unique because they are linked to your Purpose and not to your products. They reach people's hearts first, not their minds.

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When a company understands that its biggest competitive advantage is its Purpose , it may not even be the biggest company or the one that sells the most in its market, but that will be secondary because, for sure, it will leave its mark in the world and in the heart consumers.


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