Different Types Of Cyber Security

Cybersecurity refers to the protection of devices, processes, infrastructure and assets of the organization from cyber-attacks, data theft, breaches, unauthorized access, etc. With the advent of technology and the increasing interconnectedness of organizational systems and networks, effective cybersecurity management and strategy are a necessity for organizations of all sizes and types. Accordingly, investments are flowing into this field and the market is predicted to grow to a 170-billion dollar one by 2020. This, in turn, has led to a spurt in demand for experts in the field and accordingly, there has been a soar in demand for cybersecurity courses and programs.

Cybersecurity is an umbrella term which encompasses different types of security.

Application security: This constitutes the measures and countermeasures meant to tackle threats and vulnerabilities that arise in the development stage of an application such as design application, development, deployment, maintenance, upgrade, etc. Some of the techniques used include input parameter validation, session management, user authentication and authorization, etc.

Information security: This refers to the protection of information and data from theft, unauthorized access, breaches, etc. in order to uphold user privacy and prevent identity theft.

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