Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on networks worldwide

While we will continue to monitor the global and local effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on networks worldwide, it is crucial that we “keep our cool.” The lessons we are learning and the challenges we are facing will forever change the way we work, communicate, and entertain. Telemedicine, for example, will be one of the areas where these lessons may bring the most profound changes to how health services are accessed and delivered.

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A comforting thought is that we are at a safe place, technologically speaking. With the latest technology advances and standards, we have ubiquitous, sophisticated connectivity – from our home networks, across service providers’ and hyperscale realms.

The newest networking technologies are ready to rise to the challenges brought in front of them. However, in addition to continuing 5G and fiber access infrastructure rollouts, we may need even more investment in the networks (wireline, wireless, and converged) to make them better and readier for the future.


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