Find out what it is and how to network?

Network is your network of relationships and networking is the relationship with your network itself. It is made up of your friends, relatives, school and work colleagues, customers, partners etc.

After all, how to do networking? Contact through social networks, such as Linkedin or Facebook , is a good way to start.

But you can also expand and maintain your contacts by participating in events in your area, in business meetings and informal meetings for lunch or coffee, for example. In fact, it is recommended to take social media contacts to real life, as it is a good way to strengthen the relationship with a client or business partner.

Have an updated (and active) profile on Linkedin
Linkedin is the main social network for professional contacts and Brazil is the fourth country in number of users in the world: there are 35 million people who share information about their work, the market, career tips, business. It is a valuable source of information that can be used to find new job or business opportunities for your company.

But, to maintain good contacts, you must access it every day, and, mainly, interact with people, commenting when it is a matter of interest and sharing relevant information.

The Computer Network Support Specialists are the trained experts and are extremely helpful in the computer networking of an organization. They provide assistance and guidance to system users and businesses. 

Be selective when inviting or accepting connection invitations
Invite users you already know and also those you don't know - but who can really add to your professional development - working in the same or related fields.

Likewise, when receiving an invitation, do not accept right away. Evaluate the person's profile and find out if their activity is relevant to you. Oh, and don't forget to personalize the invitation. Never send an automatic message!


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