How is the Computer Engineering market?

Now that you know what the computer engineer does, let's talk about the job market? It is on a growth path and is very attractive for both recently graduated and experienced professionals.

As technology is used in all sectors of the economy , the demand for these specialists continues to grow - there are vacancies to work in industry, commerce, in the service business, startups, etc. Whoever wants to undertake can also do well in this area!

The computer engineer will not find much difficulty in finding a job. And whoever graduates here at Unopar still has another great differential, which is the access to Canal Conecta . We have a partnership with this platform that makes connections between companies and candidates, both for specialist vacancies and for internships. The results have been great!

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The salary of the computer engineer varies according to the area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. The average is R $ 9,150.80 * for those who work with software engineering and R $ 6,825.52 * for those who work with hardware. In some cases, this professional earns more than R $ 20 thousand *!

The areas of activity with the best payments are Big Data, systems consulting, information security and management and direction positions.


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