Job Description of the Printer Technicians

Set type according to copy; operate press to print job order; and read proof for errors and clarity of impression, and correct imperfections. Job printers are often found in small establishments where work combines several job skills.

1) Clean ink rollers after runs are completed.

2) Design and set up product compositions and page layouts.

3) Examine proofs or printed sheets in order to detect errors and to evaluate the adequacy of impression clarity.

4) Fill ink fountains and move levers to adjust the flow of ink.

5) Operate cylinder or automatic platen presses to print job orders.

6) Reset type to correct typographical errors.

7) Set feed guides according to sizes and thicknesses of paper.

8) Insert spacers between words and leads between lines.

9) Lay forms on proof presses; then ink type, fasten paper to press rollers, and pull rollers over forms to make proof copies.

10) Place chases over type, insert quoins and lock chases to hold the type in place.

11) Position forms (type in locked chases) on beds of presses; then tighten clamps, using wrenches.

12) Remove assembled type from galleys and place type on composing stones.

13) Select type from type cases, and insert type in printers' sticks to reproduce material in copy.

14) Slide type from sticks into galleys.

15) Tap typefaces with hammers to improve the quality of impressions.

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