Junior IT Administrator Job Responsibilities

  • Junior Administrator responsibility is to make relevant presentations which will be helpful in making any company benefits.
  • They are responsible for handling all the duties and administrative functions which includes major productions.
  • Handles all the calls and message which are related with the delivery of documents.
  • His major responsibility deals with the maintenances of all the facility records and make sure that all the records are kept at their place which can be assessable at any point of time.
  • He must take the responsibility of attending the new projects based on the sales.
  • His responsibility is to travel from place to place and attend all the conferences and book venues.
  • Junior administrator job is to organize all the directories and maintain them.
  • Contribute his presence in the employment, screening, interview, hiring and teaching of staff in discussion with the manager.

Junior IT administrator responsibilities deal with the support given to the senior staff and help them to complete their work. They support various business administrators and also help the team of the directors on everyday basis. Their responsibility is based on the change in polices and working methods and other directions of procedures. They basically work as mentors with the directors of the organization.


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