Latest cyber threats

What are the latest cyber threats that individuals and organizations need to protect against? Here are some of the most recent cyber threats reported by the governments of the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Dridex Malware
In December 2019, the United States Department of Justice (DoJ) indicted the leader of a group of organized cybercriminals for his involvement in a global Dridex malware attack . This malicious campaign affected the public, government, infrastructure and businesses around the world.

Dridex is a financial Trojan that has different functionalities. Since 2014, it affects victims and infects computers through phishing emails or existing malware. It is capable of stealing passwords, bank details, and personal data that can be used in fraudulent transactions, and it has caused massive financial losses totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.

In response to the Dridex attacks, the UK's National Cyber ​​Security Center advises people to “make sure devices are up to date and antivirus is on and up to date, and files are backed up ”.

Romantic scams
In February 2020, the FBI warned US citizens to beware of trust fraud that cybercriminals commit through dating sites, chat rooms, and apps. Perpetrators take advantage of people seeking new partners and trick victims into providing their personal details.

The FBI reports that romantic cyber threats affected 114 New Mexico victims during 2019, whose financial losses totaled $ 1.6 million.

A data center technician should answer questions and take queries from various sources and provide them with the right information.

Emotet Malware
In late 2019, the Australian Center for Cyber ​​Security warned national organizations about the widespread global cyber threat from Emotet malware.

Emotet is a sophisticated Trojan that can steal data and also load other malware. Emotet takes advantage of unsophisticated passwords and is a reminder of the importance of creating a strong password to protect against cyber threats.


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