Microsoft Improves Web Notifications in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has completed the full Chromium migration of Edge so the company can focus on new features and better browser experiences on all supported systems.
Microsoft Improves Web Notifications in Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 and macOS

Microsoft recently announced a series of improvements for Edge web notifications.

Background notification support
Of course, Redmond considers Windows 10 to be the priority platform for the Microsoft Edge browser . The new Chromium Edge now has background notification support for pinned sites and Progressive Web Apps (PWA). This means that you will be able to receive notifications even when the browser is closed.

This feature was introduced in the classic version of Microsoft Edge (Edge Spartan), and now Microsoft has implemented it in an updated browser. The new feature will work in Edge 85 and later on devices running Windows 10, version 2004 or later versions of Windows 10. Notifications will come from sites and web applications that you have allowed to send alerts.

Microsoft explained that developers and webmasters do not need to do anything extra:

Taking advantage of background notifications is easy. Any sites with the function of push notifications by means of Push API, Notifications API and web push protocol are supported. Web developers don't need to make any special changes to their website so that users can receive notifications while Microsoft Edge is closed - everything just works.

This is a pretty useful change that will come in handy for users who actively use web notifications to keep abreast of new content on their favorite resources. Background notifications allow you to receive this information as soon as it arrives, without waiting for the browser to launch. All this avoids the situation where you launch Edge and receive a ton of new notifications.

Support for notification icons for Windows 10 and macOS
The second major improvement is support for notification icons that appear directly on the taskbar on Windows 10 devices or in the Dock on macOS systems.

Support for notification icons for Windows 10
Notification icons have been around for a long time on mobile devices, especially the iPhone. This is a quieter way to notify the user when new content is available. Microsoft Edge now supports this method for pinned sites and PWA apps.

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Microsoft explained how this technology works:

Basic support for PWA icons is available on Windows and macOS with the release of Edge 81, as well as other browsers on Chromium. Developers can add and update badges using the Badging API from docs or service workers. Service workers allow you to receive notifications or icon updates when a site or PWA is not open. However, for privacy reasons, updating the badge with the service worker's push event also requires the site to display a toast. Users must also allow receiving notifications from the site.

Notification icons will show even when Edge is closed. The combination of background updates and icons is a great way to stay on top of what's happening on your favorite websites at the operating system level. These changes bring the user experience closer together on desktop and mobile.

If you want to take advantage of the new features, make sure you are running at least Windows 10 May 2020 Update (version 2004) and one of the latest versions of Microsoft Edge - you need Edge 85 for PWA support and Edge 87 for pinned site support.


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