The skills for a Cloud Architect to be successful

What does a Cloud Architect do ?

The Cloud Architect is responsible for managing cloud computing architecture of a company. They have an in-depth knowledge of the architectural principles and services used to develop a technical cloud strategy, assist in cloud migration efforts, review workload architectures, and provide guidance in solving high-risk problems. To do this, Cloud Architects need a mix of skills business, technical and social, as well as an understanding of the technical training that can benefit your team.

What are the most important skills of a Cloud Architect ?

Flexibility and Eager to Learn

A Cloud Architect must be able to work in various scenarios and be willing to learn the unique requirements of each project. No two projects or two clients are alike, so continuous learning and a willingness to experiment help Cloud Architects to give the best guidance to the company. A day's work can start by researching new services and features and turning into discussion forums. With an attitude of curiosity, Cloud Architects may be better prepared to find new approaches to problem solving.

Time management

Cloud architecture professionals must have strong time management skills. Each day is different and can include meetings with clients to discuss problems, review needs and design architectural infrastructures to respond to different situations. There is no typical day: you can be in meetings, writing scripts , working on migration, following up on new tools through online training or solving problems. In this way Cloud Architects are focused on planning their day-to-day lives, prioritizing time on tasks and knowing how to take advantage of small periods.

The tasks for a server repair technician are varied, with everything from providing cost estimates to upgrading hardware and software as needed. 

Communication and Business Skills

There are many stakeholders and participants in the process of using the cloud, from those who pay for it, to the security team, to the technical team, to those who help to make decisions about cloud providers. The Cloud Architects are being encouraged to be part of the decision process, and to prepare to communicate the design to any stakeholder . Successful Cloud Architects know how to communicate with the public, aligning their recommendations with the business imperatives.


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