The Ultimate Firewall Guide

Imagine a house with a low wall, so low that anyone would be able to climb or maybe jump over it, without any problems. This house would be very easy prey for bad people, thieves and criminals, wouldn't it? The answer is obvious: yes, of course! No one needs to think too hard to give that answer.

It is funny to realize that security is something so obvious to us in the physical world, in our daily lives, but that goes unnoticed when it comes to the computer network , the business environment.

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The illustration house would be vulnerable, exposed to attacks and many risks . And, this is exactly how an unprotected network is: vulnerable . Therefore, to help you in the security of the information of your network, and of your company, we have prepared a complete guide on one of the most important data protection tools: the Firewall .

Let's tell you:

A little history of the firewall,
Explain what it is and how it works,
Show some types,
Talk about its advantages and settings, and of course: help you with tips on what is the best firewall to help protect your company!
This guide was designed to help you walk your company's protection journey!


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