Top IT categories on the market

The scenario we live in is a highly prone environment for the career growth of professionals in this sector. This statement is directly related to the importance of the department, whether for information security, or for reading data, infrastructure, innovation, among others.

According to a survey conducted in 2018 by Brasscom (Brazilian Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies), the deficit of professionals in the area should reach 750 thousand by the present year.

Image 1: Demand for jobs by technologies and IT in house ( -Educational-and-Employability-in-ICT-v83.pdf)

This is because a massive investment in several areas of IT is expected. By 2020, R $ 345 billion will be earmarked for digital transformation of companies and another R $ 396 billion for mobility and connectivity, thus requiring a large number of professionals.

Image 2: Expected investments in digital transformation technologies until 2022 ( -Educational-and-Employability-in-ICT-v83.pdf)

For you to understand the opportunities that exist in this market, separating in this text the 10 main careers in IT.


1. Cloud computing
The cloud technologies strategy today is, without a doubt, one of the most efficient used in the market, regardless of the segment being applied. With it, people are able to share a range of information, numbers and data in real time, without occupying physical spaces, which optimizes the process and ensures information security.

For the execution of cloud computing, professionals are needed who are able to monitor and ensure that the operation of this technology is efficient for all involved.

The Cyber Security Specialist will execute projects in Dynamic Application Security Testing. They customize application security assessments for the client. They conduct personalized ASP.NET/JAVA application code reviews for clients.

Cloud architects, for example, are the people responsible for planning, implementing, managing IT and maintaining the tools of cloud applications, in addition to measuring the results obtained. As a result of his role, he must have operational, network, programming, system and security knowledge.

IT certifications most requested to act in the cloud.


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