What is cybersecurity?

The idea of ​​cybersecurity came from a computer security expert, a German named Bernd Fix. He was the one who documented the first case of removing a computer virus .

Currently, the term cybersecurity is used to refer to procedures, actions and technologies that aim to ensure digital security . That is, measures against criminal practices and damage to computers, networks, programs and data. 

The technological measures of cybersecurity are broad and involve a whole set of networks, systems, routers, antivirus , encryption, among other elements.

Discussions about the damage and dangers that the internet represents are constant, since not only ordinary people make use of connected digital systems , but large companies, international organizations and governments as well.

Everyone can be the target of so-called cybercriminals .

And this is because, even though the technology is in fact more and more advanced, errors in its design are common. Through this, malicious people are able to identify loopholes that allow cyber security to be circumvented .

Attacks can represent terrible and irreversible damage to victims, causing damage such as:

Data loss (total or partial);
Theft of passwords, identity, bank details and confidential information;
Manipulation of corporate data; 
SPAM spread.


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