What jobs are available in the computer industry?

The following list was created for users who enjoy computers but are uncertain about what field to enter. Each section contains a description of a job, the requirements, and recommendations on how to proceed if you're interested.

This document does not contain salary information because it varies greatly depending on the company and its location. However, it's safe to assume that with the increased difficulty and experience requirements comes higher pay. If you are looking for a pay range, refer to your local listings (newspaper) or online salary sites for a general overview.

The qualifications and requirements for these jobs vary, but many of them have entry-level positions. We suggest looking at data entry, freelancer, sales, quality assurance, or technical support jobs as your first computer job or if you're looking to get your foot in the door.


Workstation PC Technician
Workstation PC Technician provides technical support for staff within an organization on any of the operating systems. They provide guidance to employees who provide technical support. Technicians also extend general technical assistance for supported applications. They provide service to clients. Technicians also provide support on assigned projects.


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