What should be the language of the interface of your Office?

I got the ideas of many tips that are offered to readers in the English part of the Microsoft server, and in the process of writing this article I decided to start with the following advice: "Weigh the pros and cons before choosing the language of your Office interface."

I know many users who, fluent in English, nevertheless installed a Russified version of themselves. I do not support the view that Russified versions need to be abandoned once and for all and just learn the language. Perhaps you should not be so categorical. Microsoft has done a great job of Russifying the package, especially if we take into account the developed help system (and, by the way, such work costs more than one million dollars). On the other hand, if you (at a certain stage in the development of a Russified program) want to turn to the most recent English-language resources on MS Office, then you will encounter a lot of problems. For example, you read an instruction like “Open your Outlook Inbox, and on the View menu, point to Toolbars and click Advanced” and you’ll understand but you cannot find the button you need in your Russian version. While you understand what and how to translate, a lot of time will pass. In addition, Russification is always late, and if some of your programs are Russified, and some are not, then all the charm of Office as a system with a uniform interface is lost.

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Another problem that I also encountered is that some of our books about Office 2000 were written at a time when the package was not yet Russified, and, of course, the authors themselves translated the names of all the menu items. If in the book the terms were translated in one way, the authorized program in another, then confusion will arise as a result. And one more consideration: if you want to have the latest information on IT technologies - you still can’t get away from English. I do not campaign for one or another option, I advise you to weigh, which is more important for you. The question is not as clear as it seems at first glance. In the meantime, I will give advice, focusing on users of the Russian-speaking office, believing that there are a majority of them and that they primarily need advice.


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