Windows 10 ARM can now run common x64 apps

As previously promised , Microsoft has started to release support for emulation of x64 applications on Windows 10 ARM . The novelty is now available to participants of the Insiders program, who receive functions under test in advance, and can be seen in build 21277.

The emulation of x64 programs is a big step for the version of Windows 10 made to run on ARM chips . With the novelty, the system will be able to run more programs consolidated in the main edition of the OS, in addition to software that is only available in 64-bit versions.

Source:  Tech Radar 

According to Microsoft , support for emulation of x64 apps is not linked to the Microsoft Store and the user can download programs from any source. The company also recommended some software to test the function, including the Rocket League game , the Google Chrome browser  and the Autodesk Sketchbook program, which does not have a dedicated ARM version.

Emulation of x64 applications is available through the Dev Channel and is still in development. The user may encounter some problems while using the function and certain apps may not work properly, according to Microsoft.

The company said Insiders should send usage reports when they encounter bugs during the emulation. Thus, the company can improve the function more quickly for a comprehensive launch.

Microsoft has not given an estimate of when it will release 64-bit apps to all users of Windows 10 ARM. However, considering that x64 emulation has been promised since the beginning of the year , the start of testing is already a big step for the function.

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