With AI, Cisco announces redesign of Webex to improve user experience

The Cisco announced a series of new features in its portfolio Webex to help organizations collaborate and transform their experiences of employees and customers, the company said.

The news was announced at WebexOne, Cisco's leading digital collaboration conference that brings together leaders, customers and partners to discuss the future of work.

According to the company's announcement, more than 50 innovations fall into three areas: perfect collaboration, intelligent hybrid work experiences and intelligent customer experiences. The company has invested to become more competitive in the market for tools for remote collaborative work, with competitors such as Slack, Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams .

“Cisco’s goal is to drive an Inclusive Future, and collaboration technology plays a critical role in leveling the playing field so that everyone can participate in the global economy, regardless of geography, language and personality type,” said Jeetu Patel, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Security and Applications for Cisco.

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"That's why we seek to offer a Webex experience 10 times better than in person - and, at the same time, make personal interactions 10 times better too," he adds.

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Among the news announced by Cisco are: the New Webex for meetings, messages and calls announced with several new features; expanded people's insights with new features that provide highly personalized insights and actionable recommendations for individuals and teams; New Webex Contact Center, offering powerful new benefits for agents, customers and businesses of all sizes.

The company also announced three new devices for workers and the new Webex App Hub, with integrations to simplify workflows. The launches are in line with the IMImobile PLC acquisition agreement and Slido's purchase offer .

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